Industrial Hous of Pancakes and Magic
The Industrial House of Pancakes and Magic prides itself on its ability to straddle both the world of visual effects as well as the bread-based breakfast items space.
Nowhere is this more evident than in our first award-winning short "Jaxo Eats a Griddle Cake". IHoPaM has gone on to produce such wonders as:
  • Chroma Syrup, a pancake syrup which allows for easy keying in those difficult pancake shoots.
  • The much-beloved children's film series "A Flapjack's Life" and its line of "Flappy" toys and waffle irons. (See recall information)
  • New! Chroma Syrup Blue is a breakthrough in chroma syrups. For the first time, blue keys are possible for those shoots where original Chroma Syrup just won't do. Available in 6 different flavors.
Coming this summer! Sure to be a hit with kids of all ages, "Mr. Sticky Fingers Goes Downtown". In theaters July 4th.

FUN! Make your own paper Cray X-MP with useful 1985 calendar! (Get it now!)